Our construction management division is committed to taking the stress out of the building process. We know that the process of new construction or even a remodel can be quite daunting but we have the experience and knowledge to relieve you of that burden. Having gone through all of the committees and offices from GLO to special zoning exemptions and historical foundation review, we know exactly what needs to be done and the correct people to deal with at the Building Department. Though every job is unique, here is a general list of our services as well as terms:


•Recommendations of local contractors, architects, and engineers. Having someone local and knowledgeable is going to get you the best price.

•Submission of permits and necessary paperwork they require.

•Submission of necessary paperwork to any necessary committees (Landmark commission, GLO, etc.).

•Coordination of different contractors for the most efficient communication and use of time.

•Coordination of any City inspections required.

•Coordination of any TDI inspections required.

•Local representation for the owner. Especially useful for owners or developers in Houston. Includes any committee meetings at City Hall.

•You deal with the same person from our company throughout the whole process. Depending on which of our services you select, this person can also be your "personal assistant", acting as a buffer between you and all of the contractors, architects, engineers, salespeople, and whoever else comes into contact with your project.

Overall, we strive to make the whole building process as cost and time efficient and worry free as possible for you. Having years of experience and the knowledge behind it can typically save you thousands of dollars, a lot of valuable time, and a whole lot of stress. At the beginning of every job, we lay out a time frame, communicate all bids, proposals, and costs with you, and generally check with you every step of the way, letting you build what you want without being overwhelmed.


After an initial meeting where we figure out what all you need and come to a verbal agreement, we will draw up a proposal and agreement. If it's a new customer, we require half of the agreement to start on the project and the other half when a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. The reason we require half to start is partly to cover any costs that may come up (such as submission costs) while working on behalf of the owner. We realize that you can't be available all the time and we do not want any delay. Any of these costs will be invoiced to you. We accept only cash, checks, Master Card, American Express, Visa, and Discover cards (2% surcharge for credit card payments). Checks may be made out to Gulf Coast Blueprints.