Owners, developers, and contractors:

Our years of experience in the Galveston and the greater Houston area gives us the knowledge of requirements for permit drawings. We offer fast turnaround and our focus on customer service assures that we will work with you until you are happy. Coming to us before you go to an engineer or architect is going to save you money. Many of these professionals charge upward of $75 and hour for drawings and turn around and pay the drafter $15. The less time that an engineer or architect can charge you, the better off you are. And we have existing relationships with many of these people from not only having worked with some full-time, but also freelancing, which let's us know what is expected on your drawings.

Architects and engineers:

Our business started as freelancing after working for a structural engineering company. We put many drawings through both Galveston and Houston and are very familiar with the codes for each. As I'm sure most of you know, having someone freelance for you instead of a full time employee can really save you some money. We know what you expect on drawings, we usually charge a flat rate so there are no charges for revisions (typically), and we offer very fast turnaround. Whether floorplans, wall sections, elevations, electrical, roof plans, or any others needed, we can help.